Whether you are thinking of purchasing a snooker dining table or are simply curious to know more about these versatile tables, today we’re going to share with you some of the benefits of owning such table.  At Hamilton Billiards, we supply and manufacture various snooker dining tables and believe that these are great snooker tables for any home or commercial space.

Beautiful design.

Snooker dining tables are available in various designs, including modern snooker dining tables with sleek and clean lines and traditional snooker dining tables that feature carved round bases and dark mahogany tones. If you are searching for contemporary snooker dining tables, the Friedman snooker dining table is a great choice. This snooker diner is manufactured with table tops that completely hide the pockets, giving it a clean and sleek aesthetic.

For a classic look, nothing beats the carved refectory snooker dining table. This solid hook table boasts elegance and sophistication with its hand carved fluted legs, base and cushion rails. The perfect centrepiece for any dining room.

Modern and traditional designs can also come together to create unique snooker dining tables, including the Ariel snooker dining table and the Spinrea snooker dining table. These snooker diners will make any interior more special with their stunning and peculiar styles.

Bespoke snooker dining tables, such as the Sims snooker dining table, can also be crafted to meet your design and style requirements. This custom made snooker table featured tapered legs, solid oak throughout with four burr walnut matched panels in the table top and inlay banding in the frame.

Sizes to fit all rooms.

Snooker tables are definitely not a one size fits all. Snooker tables come in all sizes, from 6ft snooker tables to 9ft snooker tables and full-size snooker tables. So, no matter the size of your dining room, you will find the perfect snooker dining table to fit your space.

  • 6ft snooker dining tables, such as the 6ft Walton snooker dining table are ideal for small spaces. These are also the perfect solution for converted garden sheds, creating a versatile indoor/outdoor space that acts as a dining and entertainment area.
  • 7ft snooker dining tables will suit any small to medium dining rooms. The 7ft Heston snooker dining table is a stunning traditional table that is based on a design by the original Riley Billiards Company.
  • 9ft snooker dining tables, such as the 9ft Lindo refectory snooker dining table, are ideal for larger spaces. The Lindo snooker table features a rustic design by using distressed character grade oak, giving the table an older and unique appearance.


Multi-functional furniture reduces clutters and saves space. Snooker dining tables offer this and more – snooker diners not only maximise your space but also provide the perfect balance between function and style, making any room more interesting and inviting. Snooker dining tables are the perfect choice to make the most out of your dining space.