Russian Billiard / Pyramid Mahogany Triangle

Russian Billiard / Pyramid Mahogany Triangle


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A mahogany colour triangle to fit 15 68mm Russian Pyramid/Billiard balls.

Треугольник красного дерева цвета, чтобы соответствовать 15 68mm русская пирамида / Бильярдные шары.

For balls to fit this Russian Billiard Triangle please see below

 How to Play

The balls need to be spotted on their designated spots. The game will start once the balls are spotted and the first player hits the white ball. After the initial shot, the cue ball can either be the pink ball or the white ball.

A shot refers when the player strikes the cue ball using a cue and a turn is when the same player has one or more shots. A player can continuously shoot until there is a shot yields scratch or zero. This in turn allows the next player to play.

All balls need to be put on their associated spot. What if it is blocked? It should be placed in any vacant spot depending on the discretion of the current player.

If the white ball is used as a cue ball, the next shot must not strike a ball in the D line and on the opposite site of the said line. At the end of the shot, if the cue ball is in contact with the other ball, it is considered the first ball regardless of the shot direction.

In terms of scoring, it is cumulative and players have a running tally. The scores are posted after every turn of the player. In case it is a scratch, there are penalties imposed to the player.


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