M1104 6 ft Mahogany Snooker/Pool Convertible Dining Table

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A 6ft x 3ft Mahogany Convertible snooker dining table by E J Riley

This 6 ft mahogany convertible snooker/dining dining table has four mahogany turned and fluted legs, leg buttons and a one piece slate and was made by E.J. Riley.

The snooker/pool diner has a rise and fall mechanism which is a simple system to raise and lower the table from the playing to the dining position, easily converted by 1 person, each end of the table is lifted and the mechanism (based on an original E. J. Riley design) automatically locks and unlocks into the required height.

This snooker table will seat 6-8 people comfortably around the table. This diner is suitable for playing the game of snooker and also the game of pool.

The table will be fully restored including re-polishing, new nets, rubbers and re-baized in a cloth colour of your choice (over 20 colours available.)  The dining tops are currently missing and these will be replaced as the original ones were in solid mahogany.

This table will make the ideal addition to any dining room, making it multi functional as well as stylish.44 Mahogany Turned and Fluted Legs

  • 4 Leg Buttons
  • One Piece Slate
  • Rise & Fall Mechanism

Seats 6-8 people comfortably

Suitable for snooker & pool

Made by E.J. Riley

Playing area: 6ft x 3ft (183cm x 91.5cm)

Ideal room size: 14ft x 11ft (427cm x 335cm)

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