Large Pool/Snooker Diner - Manhatton

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An Extremely Rare 9' x 4 1/2' Billiard/Dining Table, manufactured by Thurston Billiard Co around 1895. It is extremely rare to find original 9' x 4 1/2' tables - the maximum size that were normally made was 8' x 4' - our company has come across no more than six 9' x 4 1/2' Antique Diners in twenty five years. This model, made in mahogany, is a fine example of craftsmanship of that era, beautiful carved legs, leg plates and mouldings - this table was fully restored by our company and sold in 1983. Hamilton Billiards manufacture 9' x 4 1/2' Convertible Diners in all models.

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