Ash 60 inch Short Rest With X Rest Head

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A 60" Cross Rest with ash stick and Brass or Chrome 'X' head, ideal for shot just out of normal reach.

60 inch Ash Rest Stick with brass or chrome X rest head. This cross rest stick is used for shots that are just out of reach for playing in the normal manner. The cue is placed on the cross rest and the shot taken.

Full size tables normally have a 60" cross 'X' rest on each end of the table located under the cushion hanging from cushion hooks.

10ft, 9ft and 8ft tables normally have the 60" cross rest stored in the cue rack or hanging on the side of the table from butt side hooks.

7ft and 6ft tables normally use a 48" cross rest and it is normally stored in the cue rack.  Convertible snooker dining tables or convertible pool dining tables dont have the rest stored on the table due to it interfering with sitting at the table when as a dining table.

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